Merry Christmas and Happy New 2016 Year wishes you Toastmasters International Stockholm!

Dear members! The board would like to thank you all for this wonderful and eventful academic year of 2015! You are making this club such an enjoyable and warm place, where members feel comfortable to grow and improve our public speaking skills! Coming closer to the end of the year, we would like to reflect on what has happened during these 6 months.

We started it with choosing a new board, which truly does its best to make our club flourish. Board members had a one full day of club development meeting, a board meeting every month and an officer training.

We got three of our club members, Tommy Tarre, Stavros Stavrakos and Konstantinos Konstandinidis, competing on the area level. Tommy Tarre won the area competition and went to compete to Riga at the Division G Humorous Competition. Tommy was accompanied by his club supporters club President Kai Vornberger, Vice President of Public Relations Julia Svyrydonova and Area director Vasilij Savin.

We has so wonderful club meeting that were complimented by the high quality of our evaluations by the Area director. We also had a theme meeting “Halloween” and “Flying” with the main pilot Stavros Stavrakos. At one meeting, we had a pleasure to have a guest general evaluator Herman Tsui from Hong Kong.

We hold a training in presentation technique by expert in rhetoric.

We had 15 more people joining our club!

Moreover, we listened to so many great speeches! We saw people getting over their stage fear and delivering their first ever speech Ice Breaker. We had enjoyable dinners after every meeting. We made new friends!

We wish you the next year of 2016 be as enjoyable and eventful! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Looking forward to see you back again on the first meeting of the next year on January 20th!