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English is not my native language. How will that affect my club participation?

Our members come from all over the world (including Sweden), and many do not have English as their native language. However, we speak only English at our meetings, so it is a great opportunity to practice. You will get friendly feedback on how you can improve your English, suitable to your level of fluency.

Do I need to prepare?

No need to prepare! Just come as you are and see what a meeting is like. You may introduce yourself to the group at the first meeting, and even partipate in improvised speeches (called Table Topics) if you care to volunteer.

Do I need to let someone know that I will attend a meeting?

Yes, either by signing up on our meetup or facebook page. If you have questions before attending, you can email us at

When is your next meeting?

Check it on our facebook event page.

What is a typical meeting look like?

Club meetings usually consist of three main parts: prepared speeches, evaluations and table topics.