Instructions for the General Evaluator

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Before the meeting

Create a form or checklist that you can organize your notes on. This will help you evaluate those you are responsible for. You can:

  • Use this one. (To copy it to your computer, right-click the link and select Save target as.)
  • Create your own version using this editable PowerPoint version of the one above.
  • Create your own from scratch.

Important: The checklist isn’t meant to be followed to the letter. You will not have time to talk about every point. You will have max. 5 minutes to present your evaluation – stick to the most important points. (You can, of course, give more feedback to individuals after the meeting.)

Send information to your team (evaluators, Timekeeper, and Grammarian & Ah-counter), with a link to our club’s instructions (from the Meeting page). Remind them to bring their Competent Leadership manuals to the meeting.

At the meeting

Introduce your team and have each person describe his or her role (or do it yourself).

Explain the sandwich technique.

Explain how you will be evaluating the evaluators:

  • Did they use the sandwich technique?
  • Did they give useful feedback?
  • Did they make an effort to motivate the speaker?
  • If some evaluators are more experienced than others, will you be harder on the experienced ones?

Mention the evaluation slips that everyone is strongly encouraged to use to provide feedback to speakers and role-takers.

Mention that you will also be evaluating the meeting as a whole, as well as (time permitting) the Toastmaster, Timekeeper, Grammarian, and Ah-counter. All this is intended to provide guidance for future meetings.

After the meeting

Provide written evaluations for your team members in their Leadership manuals, if requested to. (You can’t do them all. You can delegate this task to other club members.)

Ask another member to fill in your Leadership manual, if you want credit for the role.

Are you wondering whether you are ready to perform this role?

More information.